Thesilentscreaming (screamingwords) wrote in bloody_wrist,

A little about me

Hey there, Im new to the community, I joined becuase Ive now been a cutter since 7th grade, going on to 10th grade now.
I cut on my lower arm, and wrist when it gets real bad, ive cut on my thighs but the pain and blood is knowere near the same for me.
I like seeing the blood flow from my skin, and I love the natural high you get after it.
I cut myself becuase I live a lonely life, Im un happy with the way I look, And the way im judged, I live with an abusive father, my mother died when I was 10 in a car accident.
Ive been trying to stop for a while, The last few times ive been cutting I cut on the wrist themselves which I usually don't do.
I cut about a month and a half ago, its much to hard to cut during summer, so hard to hide the scars.
But who knows what lies ahead when winter comes.
Im a male cutter, which I suppose is un common, If they're are any other male cutters I would love for you to message me just to know
Im not the only one out there, thanks for making this wonderful group btw.
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