~*Michelle*~ (pgurlm67) wrote in bloody_wrist,

your soft fingertips swiftly grasp at the womaned glass
shimmers of your lingering thirst
of sweet red wine,dilluted from my soul
you take a single sip of me
each drop of me savored inside you parched mouth
as you admire the lovely curves
you kiss the glass,your hand wraps around me
the flavor of bitter love spills softly from your lips
quenched of your crimson desires
the aroma of wine still lurks through the still room
decorates your lips like beads layed across your skin
silks around you,each cell of a drunken kiss
swirls immerse you,crescent through your gentle face
like ribbons of smoke simply seared the burnt scent
makes you want more
stings down your chest as i flow under your skin
through your veins,stains of a single toxic kiss
distilled illusions of blurry dreams
imbibe all of you within all of me
drink me till each drop is gone and im forever apart of you
i slowly escape from your cold hands
shatters every piece of me
the shards glitters through your fading light
and fall inside to a forgiving sleep
of your soul interwine within mine
of your last sip
your last breath
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