differentlyodd (differentlyodd) wrote in bloody_wrist,

The one you love can hurt you the most
Break your heart and make you shed tears
My heart and arms bleed for you
When you watch yourself split your veins open and see the blood that runs threw them you known its coming to an end
The room starts getting dark and your vision gets blury
And before you close your eyes one last time, you look down at your wrists and remember why you did this
You did this for love, love that will never be yours again
That same love that made life worth living for is gone and tears drip down your sad face as you think of the day you said goodbye to the one you love, you take one last breath and open your eyes to find yourself lying in bed knowing what love can drive you to do.

The less people you love or let love you,
the less chance there is of being hurt.

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