differentlyodd (differentlyodd) wrote in bloody_wrist,

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what am i to do when my face is wet from tears
and my arm covered in blood
how should i feel when u tell me your leaving
you say things will be ok when i know they wont
you said you'd never leave me and now you r
how do u fix a broken heart that wants to die
how can u say u love me when ur not here to wipe my tears away
i cry on the inside n out bc i cant hold it in anymore
once again that dark place is calling
how can u blame me for wanting to end my pain
u know how it feels to have that peace
i want to go to sleep, a everlasting sleep
and so i will, take the bottle n lay down
in thoughts of u i will drown
worst of all they wont know why but u will
for everything i love you and say goodbye
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