x_artofbreaking (x_artofbreaking) wrote in bloody_wrist,


I've seen him,
I've seen his dark face,
his crimson eyes,
his blood-stained robe.
I was a victim to his desires,
I wanted the same as he.
He wanted to take my life,
as did I.
His sickle, sharp and menacing,
tore through me,
my soul,
my heart,
my mind.
He tried to take all that he could.
Then, it was everything.
I was too weak to fight.
I was vulnerable.
He knew he would win.
I had forsaken all hope,
there was no chance for me.
His gaze was so strong,
so intent on burning me,
defeating me.

As I continued to give in,
caving in to the dark,
I saw a light.
And, there, I saw you,
standing tall and strong.
You held me
and you fought him back,
my protector.
He tried and he tried,
he cried and he cried,
but he could not fight you.
Your strength greatly surpassed his.
Your affection,
your kindness,
your love
all overpowered him
He could not fight you,
my savior,
my hero.
You took me away
from all that was dark,
from all that was evil.
You showed me a life
I never knew I could have.

But now, my love,
you've been stolen from me,
and I can't bring you back.
No matter how hard I try,
no matter how hard I cry,
I can't bring you back.
And now I'm starting
to see those eyes again,
those violent, crimson eyes,
and that grim, blood-stained robe,
that sharp, menacing sickle.
And once more, I am afraid.
I am afraid
that I can't fight back.
I can't win without you,
my protector.
I can't make it without you
to save me
from those crimson eyes.

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