mistressmonkey (funkaspunka) wrote in bloody_wrist,


ok...so when did i cut? like...hmm just under a week ago, maybe less?
anyway, the cut is infected...pus...red...seeping...red, swollen skin on my thigh around the cut itself (i.e. the cut is under a plaster, but all around the plaster the skin is swollen and red and sore). i change the plaster daily, but ripping it off my skin is so painful...
i'm going to go to the pharmacy and ask what to do with it tomorrow, cos i can't afford to see my doctor this week. i hate being poor! the cut itself is about 4-5cm long (no idea what that is in inches...about an inch?), quite deep, done with a fresh razor blade...
anyway, wondering if anyone has any advice? i haven't had this problem before, and i'm in a lot of pain...embarassed...shamed...and it hurts SO much to touch it or do anything with it...
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