~*Michelle*~ (pgurlm67) wrote in bloody_wrist,

night has kept you in dark secret
smoke still lingers in the musty air
curls around my face,caress my satin skin of your presence
unveiled yourself from this mask
as i bleed through your shadow
unnaturally drawn to you
wrapped tightly around your finger
swirls of your breath simply suppressed againest me
through your fragmented lips
swept between my silk veins
burns down into my heart
dreary watching as each raindrop etches
to tainted tears
seared through my eyes,slowly turning the little dial
music bellows through me
dance like you ballerina,trapped inside you black box
whispers of sweet meldolic symphonies
honeyed encrusted to your touch
of the scent of your hair still lurks
bringing back every memory inside your arms
a torn painting,your canvas pasted red
ink of glitter blood
pretty portrait of a girl with no soul to live on
as you rip out every stitch you gave
stains of black wounds,embedded forever
left me completely naked,unpieced
vaguely remembering me,you don't even notice
that im still bound to you
you burn out the candle,watching the smoke,so similar,so real
escapes throughout your soul into the dark
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